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About our company...

BAG = Baltic Auto Glass OÜ Ltd

As of Jan 1st 2008, the wholesale department of Klaasiteenindus has been replaced with the new company called Baltic Auto Glass OÜ which focuses on wholesale.

Essentially, everything has stayed the same: the people, the premises and the phone numbers are the same. Also, all contracts have automatically been transferred to the new company and the existing price concessions still apply.

Baltic Auto Glass (in Estonian: Balti Autoklaas) has been established with the aim to provide a better service to wholesale customers and allow us to focus to their needs. 

Baltic Auto Glass is also the administrator of the chain "AUTOKLAAS-1" which provides auto glass and is insurance companies' first choice. The chain includes the members of the former Klaasiteeninduse Partner chain (15 members) and in past 2 years we extended the chain to 20 members in order to guarantee the availability of auto glass and our services all over the country.

Details of Baltic Auto Glass OÜ Ltd:

   Reg no: 1132667
   VAT no: EE101177337

Legal address:
   Kadaka tee 70f
   12618 TALLINN, Estonia
   Phone: +372 6711 022
   Fax: +372 6711 001
   Email: hulgi[A]bag.ee

Warehouse/delivery address:
   Laki 12
   10621 TALLINN, Estonia   
   Phone: +372 6646 706
   Fax: +372 6646 708
   Email: ladu[A]klt.ee


Best regards,
Jaanus Liiv
Purchasing manager
Baltic Auto Glass OÜ Ltd.
GSM: +372 56 297 855

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